Tuesday, December 11, 2012

First rank FIRE! Empire Handgunner

Here's a quick update on that Empire handgunner unit!

Add another to complete the front rank (except for Mr. Powder Monkey)

More fun with SE-NMM!  Good training for the painting videos!!!

Here he is with the rest of his buddies...

Icky and sticky: the painted images...

Time for some color!

These were done in the same manner as the previous Nurgle stuff, getting in as many color transitions as possible!

I had some fun painting the glowy stuff pinkish purple, instead of the usual blue/teal glow.

Yea for Nurgle goodness!

More Nurgle, anyone?

Here's a little conversion I did a while back, taking a fantasy Nurgle character and giving it more of a 40K feel.

I took a few bits, put some pustules on them, and it was good to go!

The base was done to match all the previous Blight drone and Decimator bases...

A sneak peek at the painted version, which comes tomorrow!