Saturday, February 10, 2018

The Star Forged

After using the Vallejo Metal Medium a few weeks ago on the Sauron figure, I just had to give that another try!  These special character figures from Gates of Antares seemed to be the perfect candidates for more tests.  This was the first experimental figure that I painted, which was then followed up by a facebook live session:

This time around, I tried to push the limits of the metal medium a little more... putting even more 'shading' on areas like the arms and the staff than I did on the Sauron figure.

I found that I could do all the same sorts of color tints and subtle things that I normally did with my NMM process, just with metals this time! Since this was a sci-fi figure, I had more room to maneuver with those wild color combos!

Many thanks for all the folks who have been supporting the Patreon page!  that makes a tremendous difference, as the more support the page generates, the more videos I can create.  As I have mentioned many times, I try very hard to have new an interesting topics to show.  The Metal Medium is much like the oil paints, as I learn something new every time I try them.

I think this makes a difference on the videos, as it is almost like we are learning side by side!