Friday, September 18, 2015

Queen of the Jungle

Meet Tepeyollotia, Amazon Queen, from Bombshell Miniatures!  She's part of the new kickstarter campaign, which is under way right now:

As I mentioned the last Bombshell post, these figures have plenty of dynamic action to the poses, but not a lot of separate pieces to deal with.

You can see that I had some more fun with the paper foliage again!  The base was a piece of mulch that I found in my front yard.

I'm looking forward to painting many more Bombshell Babes!!

Let It Snow!!

Now that the painting phase is complete, it's time to add that snow.  For this session, I wanted to use the Secret Weapon crushed glass method.  I have the crushed glass, realistic water, and a few other items which will be tossed into the mix!

The normal mix consists of the crushed glass and the realistic water, both from Secret Weapon.  A tiny bit of blue weathering powder will be added for a touch of blueish color.

A little spritz of the snow flock will also be added, but not too much!  To make this mixture flow well over the terrain pieces, it was important to have plenty of the Realistic water in the mix.

Once mixed, the snow slurry is spread out over the rocks.  This is going to have some gaps in it, because I still want to see my rocks!

After I applied the mix, I sprinkled additional snow flock for a bit of fluffy texture.

You can see that I am working my way around the stand, I consider if there were some areas where I might have more melted snow.  Should this be the case, I would add more realistic water to my mixture, as that really does look like half melted snow!

When you get just the right mixture, you can apply these drifts of snow pretty easily.  The crushed glass gives it a surprising amount of 'body'.

The slight blue tint is designed to play off the warmer tones which were painted onto the rocks.

I think you can see the hint of blue quite well in this image!  These will be used as terrain pieces with the snow base figures you've seen posted here so often.

The standing stone base is the one I've really been looking forward to completing.

This method of snow application worked very nicely with the cork rocks and the sculpey standing stone.

One more view of the different ingredients of the recipe... Realistic Water, Crshed Glass, snow flock and a hint of blue powder.

I made the mixture a little more watery (as in adding more realistic water) so that the snow would stick to the branches more readily.

There are a few more layers and other effects which I will be testing on these terrain pieces, so stay tuned!!