Saturday, May 12, 2018

Savage Blades

I have been using the oils for a greater and greater percentage of each figure as I learn more techniques, and manipulate the colors even more.  A set of four figures was painted all at once using the oils, and I pushed much farther into the skin colors, eyes, gems and other surfaces than I had thought possible.

Keep in mind, the primary use of the oil paints is to allow me to work on a much greater number of figures at the same time.  It is not necessary to paint entire figures with them.  In fact, the vast majority of figures will be finished off with standard acrylic paints once the majority of the work has been done with oils.

The ability to continue blending colors on the surface long after they have first been applied is a massive advantage for me, and that means I can work on 3-5 times as many figures as I used to.  It also makes painting very large creatures, or figures with many hard to reach areas take far less time with way less hassle!