Saturday, September 6, 2014


Yup, that's five!  Oh, and  Krios thrown in for the heck of it.

I have been furiously prepping the other 'smaller' figures that are part of the army.  Scraping mould lines, scrubbing mould release... the usual Forgeworld delights.

I am looking forward to some smaller stuff!  It's been a lot of mega figs lately.

I don't know what these guys do in an actual game, but it must be interesting to run across this many on a battlefield at once! :-)

Baby Babo and the legion of SKINK!

Yes, more skinks!  Believe it or not, there used to be even more!

I do have tons of skinks sitting around, however.  My threat of making a 100 skink unit still stands :-)

As I mentioned before, I loved these little Skrox units.  They had all kinds of flexibility, and not all that many points.

If you wanted to put in a Skink Chief surprise, well, that just made it more fun :-)

The third small unit was red and purple, I believe.

And here is Baby Babo, as I used to call him, with lots of his little buddies!

Comet of Cassandora, here we come!