Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Wolf Pack

The Wereshewolf Pack, that is!  At last, the images of the entire group.

As I have mentioned before, my goal was to have some differences in color scheme on each one, without having them look out of place together.

While there are two 'basic' color schemes... a grayish and tan coloration, there is a difference in the overall lightness of each 'set'.  Also, I tried to vary the shadow colors.

The head/hair area was another spot where I could create some differential.  You can see a large difference on the heads of the two grayish Wereshewolves.

Where possible, I tried to get 'opposing' colors in the shadows.  The figure on the far left shows this very well, as you can see the greenish shading in the darker areas.

All four of the bases have some unfortunate victims!

The foliage was done a little differently on each base, since it seemed like a good laboratory to try out some new materials!

I believe that this set of four is now available on the Raging Heroes website.

One last look at the pack!!!