Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Snow Basing

Here are some finished images of the Soviet infantry snow basing tests!

I tried a few different materials in several combinations, experimenting until I found something that gave me the look that I wanted, but one that could be easy to replicate on many more figures, vehicles, even small pieces of terrain, etc.

Here's a link to the live session:

I ultimately decided on a combination of the Secret Weapon Crushed Glass method and the Vallejo snow medium.  This provided some of the transparent 'crystallized' appearance of the Crushed Glass, but made it a bit more white and easier to apply.

I could also add in the Woodland Scenics snow flock on top of this!

These winter Soviets were painted entirely in oils, which is something that I will be doing in "hard copy" recorded video form on YouTube for my Patreon subscribers.  I also tried to vary the color of the overcoats, just as I had seen in some research.  I had discovered 3 distinct coat types...

As I mention during the broadcast, the weapon teams is where I really noticed the difference!  By the time I had gotten to the anti-tank rifle, I had definitely fallen in love with the combo of materials.

There are several more of these on the way, and they will make a great subject matter for basing, along with the artillery pieces and gun crews.

These methods will also work on the vehicles.  If you want to check out the live session that I did on the T-34/85, here's a link to that live session.  Just like the basing demo, this was an experiment in various materials and techniques:

As I move forward with the new Patreon pledge levels, I will be adding more of the how to and experimental videos to the YouTube account for the Patreon supporters to view.  Right now, a $5 pledge gets you access to these private versions of the usual public Facebook live sessions.

I am adding some other levels, where I can interact with folks in private skype sessions and working out color schemes together!