Saturday, July 25, 2015

The tip of the spear

A year ago, I first started painting Holy Order of Man figures at GenCon in the dealers room.  

I thought that would be a very neat faction to paint and play, and started working on that when I got back home.  One year later, I have a fairly decent sized posse of Holy Order, and here's one of the new additions!!!

This is the Spear of Light light support vehicle.  It is fast, and has the ability to plant mines along its path,

Not only is it deadly in shooting and drive by attacks... those mines can also be an area denial, or serve to channel the enemy into specific killing zones.

When you couple those abilities with the "buffing" of the Sircans and other characters, these become the most effective of light supports.  The point costs are quite manageable, when you consider how pricey all Holy Orders units tend to be.

I thought you might like to see a comparison of the concept art with my finished miniature!

Stay tuned for much more!!!