Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Keeping the line moving

The Samurai surge keeps building with another lineman.  Just like the first one, he is without the head crest, which I have saved for the Blitzers and Black Orcs.

When I first attempted sculpting this team, the armor pieces were done in sections, one by one.  Needless to say, that took a long time, because each arm has between 3-5 sections!  This time around, I was able to do them all in one sheet.  

The sculpting tools were the same, but experience had shown me some tricks to get a similar enough result with the one shot approach.

Still, I only did one arm at a time, or just the leg sections at once.  This was to avoid the risk of sticking my finger into freshly sculpted green stuff.  And yes, this will happen.  Fresh green stuff sitting around has a 100% chance of getting smushed, no matter how careful you are.

By working on many figures at once, you can rotate through all the pieces you are working on, and still make a lot of progress in each section.  In this case, I was adjusting nearly 20 figures at the same time.