Friday, July 18, 2014

From Inner Space to Outer Space.

I didn't think that I could find more spacescapes in the archive, but I did!

This one was called "Above the Clouds".

Into the Vortex.

Ice Fountains.  I had so much fun with the magentas!

Cave of the Winds.  This one had a very different color palette for me.  I was trying to play out the various gasses and how they are illuminated, forming these unusual, but specific, sets of colors.

A Distant Shore.  Combining my old love of landscapes with galaxies!

Best Seat in the House.  A rogue planet, and a cosmic perspective.

Racing along...

Here's another comparison set of the Hangar 18 backdrops, using the Tomb Kings chariots as examples.  Starting out with the blue/white fade on the large backdrop...

The only way I could shoot this unit in the past was to tape together some pieces of larger drawing paper and retouch out all the irregularities.  So cool to just place the unit and snap the picture!

I have also noticed that I don't have to go through the same color corrections in the middle tones and highlights as I always had to... even though I am using the same camera and settings.

And this was certainly not possible before!  Having Settra right there with the Cavalry unit.

Comin' at ya!

One last view with the fade.

And then the same brown backdrop that I used in the last post.  It makes the same dramatic difference.

It does bring out certain colors and shade more.

It's also interesting to have the light color be behind the unit, instead of at the bottom.

That really changes the effect when you look at it from above like this.

The banners and weapons are more silhouetted, and the edge of the movement tray is now lighter.

This also seems to bring out the purples more.

So, more experiments to come!!