Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Charging Ahead

Here are the rest of the images of the Stingray Riders!

I love the flow of this piece.  The continuation of the swirling Stingray body is amazing!  It frames the figure so perfectly!

I also enjoy the action of the riders, who truly appear to be in attack mode.  No serene riders looking as if they are out for a Sunday ride. :-)

Oh yeah... and the Stingrays look pretty dangerous too!

The skin textures of the Stingrays are interesting.  I am tempted to go with lots of purples and blues here, so that I can take advantage of all that texture.  Standard grays and blues might not show off all that extra texture.

And a preview of the next post, where we see the Sci-Fi versions.  As I have mentioned many times, Raging Heroes is very adept at creating multiple genres from the same figure set.

Stay tuned!!

Red Box Barbarians

It's been a while since the Red Box barbarians have been on the blog, so a few will make an appearance.

Just like all the other figures of this type, I had to match previously painted versions.  The one way to try to match color schemes across multiple figure lines is to have as much color harmony as possible within each individual figure.

I attempted to spread around as much of the warm, muted greens as possible... in the skin color, furs, and even the sword blade.