Monday, June 17, 2013

You might even say it glows...

Today we have the figures for the using fluorescent paints video.  I chose a few of the Reaper elementals, as they seemed to scream out for glowy paints!

This is will one of the rare "dual miniature" videos, since I wanted to show more of the range of fluorescent paints than just the oranges or just the blue/green.

I know that the ghost does not seem to glow quite as much next to the inferno, but it really does!

The ghost is actually part of the Bones line.

Ride 'em cowboy...

Time for the other horse!  Of course.

As I was looking through the giant horse reference book, I noticed that there is a very distinct mottling pattern that carried through from one breed to the next.  It was all quite similar, no matter how different the colors happened to be.

In some ways, it reminded me of the patterns I was painting on my Dark Eldar figures.  Almost reminiscent of scales, if you can believe it :-)

So, that completes the horses!  Moving on to those Reaper Elementals...