Thursday, November 14, 2013

You cannot avoid the plague

One more big Ultraforge demon for you!  From the ranks of Nurgle this time.

All of the usual color transitions that I have been using for Nurgle, shifting greens from warm to cool, moving from high saturation back to low.  The lower saturation tones were designed to be located around the brighter pinks of the pustules and such to increase the contrast.

I say it in the painting videos quite often that contrast is not just light vs dark colors.  High chroma colors vs low chroma is just as effective.

Anyway, this guy is up on ebay right now:

No need to claw your eyes out

OK, last terminator from the latest squad!  A second lightning claw set.

Definitely liked this style of armor better than the last one!  A refreshing change from the usual plastics as well.

Next up... the group shots!