Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Locked and loaded!

Here she is!  Base and all.

You can see that I added a bit more weathering to the plinth (from Secret Weapon) and the jeep hood.

Now you can see why I was very concerned about reflecting that green color on the lower skin tones.  I am so glad that I did the plinth in this way, because I love the weathering on the symbol!

There are a number of ways you can attach her to the base.  The last image on the right shows her pointing in the other direction.  I think this would make a fantastic trophy for a Memoir '44 tournament!!

She'll fight her way into your heart.

More work on the Hangar 18 Pinup Girl.  When you see the colors playing out on the palette, you will know why I had been painting so many of the Memoir 44 Americans!

Recognize the colors?  Look familiar?  Yes indeed, the same shaded basecoat colors, and the same glazes!

I was also trying to follow the original art as closely as possible.  Knowing that she is kneeling on the green jeep, I had to be sure and reflect as much of the green onto the shadow areas of the skin as possible.  That would happen on the legs, the closest area to all that green.

You can see me mixing the teal and flesh color together on the palette, mixed in with a little of the Valejo shade.

Then it was on to the face, and bringing out more details!

All the green shading on the legs is now complete.  I put some more extreme highlights on the skin tones...

More face details, and even a few scrapes.  While I had the Transparent Red out on the palette, I also put some rouge on the cheeks, and other parts of the chest.

Moving along!  More shading on the uniform and helmet, as well as the weapon.

I put in the deepest darks at this point.

With the darkest colors and the mid tones established, I could the do those final bright highlights!