Thursday, September 19, 2013

Practice makes Perfect

This piece was done a while back as practice for a few of the videos.  I practiced the flesh tones for the Demonette video, as well as the big Ultraforge demon.  Obviously, freehand was in that practice session as well!

All of the Mantis Warrior figures from Raging Heroes are easy to put together, and have a ton of variety, considering they are metal minis!  You can mix and match parts of them without having to chop them up.

This one will be part of the third auction wave, coming tomorrow or Saturday!  Stay tuned!

Is this your final Response?

OK, last of the Response team before the group shots.

Again, these were probably painted sometime in 2008...

I may be seeing them again next year at Adepticon, if I ever get the time to be in the dealer's room! :-)