Monday, October 14, 2013

Mystery Forgeworld mini

I tried to look this guy up on the Forgeworld site, but for the life of me, I could not find it!  I ran across some of the other command figures I have been working on, but no luck here.

I assume he is some sort of Astropath?

Anyway, more to come!

The Criminal Element

Here's the next batch of Prison Outbreak appropriate minis from Armorcast.

These guys are called High Tech Criminals, and with those masks, I think they would all count as tough.  Probably tough enough to put a shiv in a Zombie!

I remember when I was painting these guys that I tried to come up with as many colors as I could for prison jumpsuits!

Just imagine the names for theses characters... it would be an absolute riot.  Two face, Bad Rap, The Offender.  Ha!

No Mr. Nice Guys here... just trouble waiting to happen.  Of course, Zombie versions of these dudes would be even more hilarious.

I guess that none of these guys would need a chainsaw, fireaxe or crowbar to open doors.  A spoon, a blanket and some time is all that's needed.

So hang onto your wallets and look out behind you, because those Zombies are walking the line.