Sunday, May 25, 2014

They march again!!!!

Here's some stuff that has been stashed in boxes for so long!

The last time the whole shebang has been out on the table was before Adepticon 2013.

It was nice, but also sad, to see the Tomb Kings out on the table again.

It suddenly reminded me of why they ended up languishing in the box for so long.  So unplayable.  Bummer!!!

Then we get to a game that is still very playable... Lord of the Rings!

Here's me new spider unit, that is waiting to team up with my Easterling cavalry.

Itsy bitsy spiders... and Saurumon!!!  With an orb... and sad lonely hankey boy.

Easterlings!  My guys!  Always ready to kick some Gondor ass.

And the Angriest Elves in Middle Earth.  They ain't leavin'.  Screw the Grey Havens.

Someday... these guys will be good again.  Someday.

Life among Heretics

I suppose that it was appropriate for me to be a guest of the kind folks at Screaming Heretic this weekend.  Since my painting philosophies are considered heretical and blasphemous! :-)

I had been burning disks the previous 16 hours.  All during out latest Memoir '44 "paint and play" session, files were prepared, disks were burned, more files prepped... rinse and repeat.

I was still burning the last of the 100 disk stack when it was time to do the final packing and get ready to be whisked away!

This is a very unorthodox setup, but it certainly kept the line moving.  With so many people switching to disks, I had to get cranking on burning new versions!

Time to meet the pets!!!  First, the doggie!

Then I was surprised to find myself wearing a set of earphones and sitting in on the 64th podcast by Screaming Heretic.  A wide variety of topics were discussed.

The discussion covered interesting kickstarters, what people were working on, a report from ACEN, Girls on Gaming, how to keep campaigns fun but challenging, and much more!

My Little Pony likes it hard...

Podcast finished... time for some 40K

  The full soundstage!  

Shelves of miniatures everywhere!!!!

And gaming tables.  A few of the blog readers will know exactly where these came from.

Setting up for some paint work and some demos.

Just about ready...

Time for a basing demo!!!  Tools, sculpey, cork, and samples!!

Later that night, it was time to meet the denizens of the above world...  the kitties!!!