Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Having a green thumb...literally

While a good deal of coverage is given to how the trees were made, I didn't want to leave out the flocking process of the main board!

Continuing the process of spray glue and scattering flock, I covered the entire board, sometimes in multiple layers.  I also added a lesser amount of flock to the river beds too, which will make an interesting texture combination with the water effects!

I added some reeds in places, which would add a nice visual touch, but also help to hide the rough cut river banks.  There was only a matter of hours each day to work on this, so I had to be sure that any process which I began could be concluded later that day.

This broader view shows how I tried to cover the permanent seams with textures and foliage, along with the "temporary" seams.  Again, various scatter terrains will be used to further mask this edge.

This trail was added to the central island, since the original plan was to have a structure there.  We won't be doing this, at least not initially, but it can still serve as a "road" for Bolt Action, which is important in game terms.

I tried to add as much texture to that as I could.  I had thought about adding some ruts to it, but I think I am glad that I left it more of a neutral texture at this point.

This view shows another portion of that seam, where a few bushes were added.  They look like a line right now, but keep in mind that several tree stands and buildings will be added to this.  If I put these bushes everywhere, I would really block the amount of space for that scatter terrain!

More views of the riverbed, this time with a sunken rowboat added!

At this stage, I felt like I was getting a nice difference in the colors and textures of the board, with a variety of greens and browns, static grass and flock.

Once the water effects are added in subsequent posts, you will see in the interesting reaction the two materials had with each other!

Here's a quick example of the tree stands, and how they will work in conjunction with the bushes and other smaller pieces of foliage.

The next article will demonstrate how these trees were made, so stay tuned!