Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The cat's out of the bag

I thought I might snap a few pictures of this for you before the main figure is added.  I made a multi level base out of the pressed sculpey Green Stuff World textures, and then added a few things.

Like skulls... and KITTIES!!  

Yes, cute little kitties from a recent Dark Sword kickstarter campaign.

They seem to lend themselves to Siamese, so I have been painting them that way.

As for the base, you can see that it is a lot of fun to "age" the broken pieces of sculpey once they have been painted.  I also tried to make sure that the various shades and colors would not blend in too much with the kitties.

One more set of playful cats.  Who says that I don't post pictures of cats?


Ingrid is one of two very nasty sisters from Siren Miniatures.  They are also my two favorite figures from the fantastic Siren line!  

You can see more of those Siren figures here:

I tried to have some variations on both the leather of the figure, and on the base surface, positioning greens next to subdued warm tans and even purple.  The purple was incorporated to bring in the bright red hair, as the same color was used to shade the darkest portions of the hair.

This is a sneaky way to tie colors together without it being too obvious.  I learned early on in my 2D art career that all colors must have some kind of link to each other.  Should one be too out of place, it will cause the viewer some discomfort to look at, which is never good!

You can also see that I used one of my recently created Celtic ruins bases made with the Green Stuff World texture rollers!  Now that I am finally getting a chance to paint some of these, and put figures on them, I love them even more!

I will always have fun carving my own sculpey bases, but now I have the ability to make very intricate designs with a variety of themes in no time at all!

These ground level views show you a little bit of the reflected colors that I attempted to place on the white mask and the ribbons flowing from it.  There are hints of red along the sides of each, which helps to tie those very light colors into the rest of the figure, which has a lot of darker tones or highly saturated hues.