Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Off to prison and the Chain Gang...

Here we have the next installment from Victoria Miniatures!  This batch is called the Penal Guard.

This set of 10 makes an excellent Penal Legion squad.  As usual there are 10 figures in all, with many different options.
First, the legs:

There are a few torso options, including a few for leaders/command.

A number of 'lasgun' options...

Then more heads, some shivs, and other items!

There were many ways to put these together, but I wanted to use the helmet version on one figure:

Chain gang!  Get a move on!

And then a few shots of the whole squad.

I didn't do anything to the figures themselves except file mould lines, wash them off and glue them together.  So, this really represents them right out of the package.

Finally, some images of the individual prisoners.

I am trying to decide if I want to go the orange jump suit route, or more 'standard' ripped up Guard uniforms.

These guys would make a fantastic addition to any Imperial Guard army.

Happy New Year Blog!!!!

OK loyal Wappellians!  We ring in the New Year with post number 1702!!

As always many thanks to all of you who take time out of your day to explore the madness that is my world.

I can't stress often enough that none of this happens without you.  It still amazes me that anybody wants to keep listening to my wild rantings :-)  Hopefully some of it ends up being useful.

So many things are planned for this new year.  As much of a transition as 2013 was, I believe that 2014 will eventually complete that transition and lead to so much more.  Very hard work still awaits... and this first part of the year is going to be quite a challenge... but knowing the goal could be attained keeps me scrapping for that extra yard!