Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Butcher of Rome

Not all of the street violence in Rome is caused by rampaging Gladiators.  Some of it is caused by the residents as well... like The Butcher!

He is one of the character figures from Gangs of Rome, an interesting new skirmish game from Warlord Games.  As you already know, I painted up a large batch of these figures for the big convention in Oklahoma City recently.

Since then, a host of new characters have been added for both the Gladiators and the Mobs.

As I painting this character, I chose to make the tunic look almost more like leather or some other heavy material, as opposed to the more delicate patterned cloth.  I tried to work in some greens and purples as well in the shadows, to indicate a bit of staining.

Of course it was very fun to do the blood effects on the mosaic bases!

Here's a link to the original step by step on the mosaic tile bases:

There you have it... someone whom you should not cross on the mean streets of Rome!  I will be making new step by step videos soon on Mosaic tile bases that will be available to my patrons.  The original Mosaic tile video is already available to those who do the $5 pledge: