Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RIP Jesse

I think I have been working on at least a few hundred bases at once.  Bases for Lawmen, Holy Orders, and Warrior Nation... on top of bases for Mierce, Privateer Press, Mechanicum, and so much more.

I'm practically out of space for all of them!

This next set is for a variety of guys... one of which is for Virgil Earp.  Care to guess which one?

Obviously, I really have fun with these bark and branch bases!

The little headstone was even made with a piece of bark.

These are also very enjoyable to paint with all the fantastic texture!

There's going to be many more of these for additional Lawmen and Warrior Nation figures.

Stay tuned!!

A chill in the air...

The mercury plunges outside, more and more.  Must be January!

Looking at wind chills of 35 below tomorrow.  Fun times!

It also makes painting more difficult, as paint will dry out far more quickly.

What I hate more is how cold my fingers get after the many hours of painting (and barely moving).  There are times where the brush practically falls out of my hand.

I'm also avoiding any green stuff/sculpting tasks, as it is mostly a semi-pliable rock :-)