Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Now this is REALLY cool...

Lookie here.  I have many favorite Raging Heroes figures, but this one vaulted to the upper tier by virtue of the ease with which it can be assembled.  You wouldn't think so to look at it.  Even I was hesitant at first, thinking there would be all sorts of filing, shaving, pinning, and so on.  All of the usual things you would expect from a metal miniature of this complexity.

Not so!  The 4 wings fit so well into their slots, I could put all 4 in place with no pins.  Not even glue or blue tack!  Wow.  All of the various arm options also fit well.  I chose these so that they would have images of a different setup than their current glory shot.

She is called Syl-Iriah, and this is the 'heroic' scale.  It can fit on a 20mm square base, if needed.  I chose to put mine on one of my woodland theme bases.  You can get this one on CMON in the Groundwerks line.  It is also featured in one of the videos.

I am looking through lots of butterfly images.  My first thought is to do a Monarch butterfly color scheme.  We saw one a few days ago, and it got me thinking about it. :-)

This is the image which they use on their site.

I also have the epic sized version of this, and I want to something really special.  Stay tuned!!!!

Using the terrain pieces!

The principle behind terrain pieces is that they should be used early and often. :-)  Here are some images I shot of the terrain pieces (which you may recognize) being used at the Wandering Dragon for some Warmachine!

It was really neat to see all the terrain out on many different boards.  This is the Grand Championship board, which Kevin made a bunch of 3 x 3 boards which fill up the rest of the room.  Quite the beehive of activity!

There were games of Warmachine being played all evening long, which was very cool to see on this board.  I am pretty sure that it is where Rich and I will be returning to test out my new Arachnids of Evil list for Bilbo's Bash.  I remember all the 'training' games we played on this thing.  There are lots of battle reports on those in the LOTR section.

Well, I have to get back to priming now.  About 4 dozen minis... so here I go!