Sunday, March 17, 2013

Painting the ancient and the rare...

OK folks, this is a set of very old (and, I am told, very rare) miniatures from the old Citadel range called Pan Tangeans.  Obviously, these were not the most detailed sculpts ever made.  They were not the easiest figures to paint, that's for sure...

I don't remember why they were all painted in various color schemes, but that was the request, I believe.

The tigers were interesting, at least. :-)

I am pretty sure these were painted back in 2005, so that represents a little ancient history for me as well!

I guess I will keep running across crazy galleries like these for a little while!

Dark Elf Dreadlord

Here's something that was hiding in the archives!

Not quite sure when this one was painted, but it had to be years ago.  Probably when I was painting those assassins...

Here's a link to those guys:

Back to work!

It's for the birds... Odin

OK, another colossal big guy from Eastern Front Studios!

This time, it's Odin.  I think the plaque is 4 inches across, to give you an idea of size.

Obviously, a big pile of baked sculpey carved away to create the ice base!

I will be doing an ice pile on one of the kickstarter painting videos "Painting the Blues away", since that will be a great exercise is painting many different shades of blue!

The freehand was very fun.

The Big Guy...

The Big Head...

More freehand...

Big Bird!

Touch this and you will get more than warts...

Time for another piece from the archive... a giant toad!  This was from Eastern Front Studios.

The base is a wooden plaque that is probably 6 inches across.

I think this is one of the first things I ever painted using my book of reptiles, amphibians and bugs as reference.  Eventually I would use it as a guide for all of my Lizardman army.

Since this was so huge, it let me choose a much more complicated pattern, which was fun!  You get a good look at that here.

I made the rocks, lilipads, etc., from sculpey.  Once that was baked and painted, I glued it to the wooden plaque.

My, what big teeth you have!

Close up of the base.  I painted several transparent layers on the 'water' part, using some gloss varnish in between each one.  This was faster and easier than trying to do it all with one of those water effects products.