Friday, February 28, 2014

Play me a tune

The last figures I painted for the unit were the command minis.  Let's get to the Music Man himself... the Pied Piper of Averland.  Is it Chet Baker?

Of course, just as doing the SE-NMM becomes such a routine part of daily life... it is time to set all that aside.  Well, at least chrome.  The Sisters project has a gold/brass version of that technique, which has a whole different set of parameters!

Again, I must emphasize that I probably never used the same jars of paint on any two or three guys.  Kept it simple... sky blue, and off white, and some sort of brown color.

Keeping the essential colors so simple makes your life a lot easier when you are doing a mass project like this chock full of shiny metal!!!

Closer and closer...

Well, the command staff is painted (posts coming over the weekend) and all that remains is to paint the movement tray that I made today.  Then there will be some really fun pictures!!

One last parting shot, as I deal with a squiggly sword.

No more of these!  Yea!  Fortunately, getting everybody to rank up was not quite as hard as I anticipated.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

It's Da Coach!

The coach being led off the field by a frisky batch of Nurglings!

Lots of color transitions to worry about with this piece.  Mixing greens with yellows, blues, reds... you name it, all in the effort to get that variety.  Sometimes across just one of the little guys. :-)

There will be a few more group shot sets of the types of figures (such as command staff, etc.) and then I will try to figure out how to shoot images of all 31 minis!

Make a wish! This will hurt just a bit...

It's Thanksgiving in Slime Bay, and it's time to see who gets the bigger end of the wishbone!

Once again, those tricksy Nurglings are at it!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Girl's knight out

Here we go!  Some images of the latest batch!

With all the preparations for the Adpeticon Sisters mostly complete, you will be seeing many more of these lasses.  Just in a whole new color scheme!

I really love making the marble theme bases for them, since it allows me to get in some extra freehand.  There is not so much room for it on the figures themselves.

It's also fun to see them as a group like this.

It lets me see how all those elements blend together to create a whole effect, such as the bases.

I hope that you also enjoy these kinds of images!

So, stay tuned you Sisters fans!

Dinner time!

Sometimes you just gotta have a snack.  This means that Elf Pudding is on the menu!

These little guys have quite an appetite.  There are quiet a few of them, which means lots of color transitions.  Working with greens, tans, pinks, and combinations of all together.

I have a few more stands of these on the way!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Same figure, different colors

As you know, I have painted Reaper's Yvonne many times over the years.  I don't think I have ever painted it in this scheme, which made it even more fun!

It was a blast to play around with balancing warmer and cooler reds across the various surfaces.

Contrasting them with the much cooler metal colors was also fun.

After working on the previous Dragon Knight, I could not resist tossing in a touch of freehand :-)

She is also here:

Yes, it's me again.

The unit winds down with the last few non-command figures.

Thankfully, this is the last of the squiggly swords!!  Yea!

Soon I will make some posts with images of the movement tray.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Got you in my sights!

One more Sister for you!

As I mentioned before, the storm bolter versions are a bit more fun.  It lets me incorporate more blues into the gray mix, and even some purpleish gray.

That balances out the warmer grays of the cloaks.

Hoist the banner!

Well, it's not exactly the 12th man flag, but it gets the team spirit going!  Especially when their god just won't let them be spirits.

This was a very complex piece to paint, given all the crazy color transitions everywhere.  The corpses, the standard bearer, the skulls, and so on.

Lots of green!  That meant a lot of balancing between warm and cool, saturated and unsaturated greens and so on.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hard Hats

Every so often, I tried to splice in some different head gear for the Greatsword unit, which keeps growing rank after rank. :-)

I wanted to go with more of the hats, since that was an area where I could work in the black of the "black and yellow" color scheme.

I also figured that could make these more of a decorative element throughout the unit, breaking up the mass of floppy hats!

Not many more to go!!!

Facing the Storm(bolter)

Now it's time for those Storm Bolter toting Sisters!  It is actually much more fun to paint these guns than the standard bolters.  The lines tend to be a little cleaner, and there are more defined shapes.

Also, you have the targeting laser sights and such, which means a spot of fluoreecent paint and OSL here and there!  You know how much I like glowy things.

The usual with the freehand on the cloaks.  Start out with middle tones, work the highlights, and then use glazes in the shadow areas to not just darken it, but unify it a little more with the background/surrounding colors, such as the dark grey robe.

These views let you see the base a little more... you remember that post!