Monday, August 12, 2013

Shades of Grey

Yes, more color theories!  This time, it was gray... and all the possibilities therein.

As I mention over and over in the video, gray is more than just black mixed with white!

You can do just about as much with grey as you can with more traditional colors.

The color swatches illustrated how to lighten a black with a variety of lighter colors, but also how to get that darker color without using black at all.

The shaded basecoat stage nearly complete...

And out came the glazes!  This is a great way to tint your gray colors.

Now we have a pair of Archangels!

Many thanks to John and the folks at Urban Mammoth for letting me use these ladies for the videos!

More to come!

Fly away...

Thundering hooves

The cavalry unit continues to grow!

Adding a few more to the unit, with some more on the way...

The line is starting to look more impressive!

Watch out with those pointy things!


More to come.