Thursday, December 24, 2015

Golden Boy

Like those old decorations that you keep putting on your tree year after year, thinking that you will replace with newer shinies... those really old minis never actually die away.

Here's another 1996 Ral Partha, brought back to life!

Obviously, today's minis are far different, but it is nice to know that these old timers can still take some paint!

Cathy and I have discussed many times how figures that are this old tend to be dismissed even more due the fact that the paint jobs are often as old as the figure!  This can really distort a view in an unexpected way.

With a fun base and a touch of NMM, a twenty year old figure can look a lot different than it might have when the internet was dial-up and you had to do a special ceremony just to connect!


I used this medic figure as part of my command squad for my Imperial Guard army at Adepticon in 2014.  I had a lot of fun adapting this old Battle of Maccrage figure for this purpose.

Yes, I also could not resist lots of blood spatter!

I had a lot of fun painting his white blood stained lab coat :-)

The view from above!

He's also here: