Saturday, November 3, 2012

Better late than never: Painting the display board

We still have more posts on the army board!  In fact, there might be two more. :-)

You can see that I have gotten to some mid level light greys.  I was sure to keep mixing in some warmer greys, as well as some green.

Also, it was time to start painting my buildings.  They were going to be the same color as the tiles on the main level, so I painted those at the same time.

I used some tan, mixing in that with the black for the darkest colors.  More of the tan crept in to each mixture.

This building shows how I tried to weather the structures by keeping my lightest colors towards the bottom of the structure.  Since these were ruined buildings, I wanted the top parts to be as stained and weathered as possible.

By "cheating" a bit and leaving the top darker meant that I did not have to go back and paint those stains in.  Ideally, I would have preferred to do that, but as you know, time was not on my side at all!

Same thing for the tiles.  The shortcut here would be using flock and grass in the crevices and grout lines.

Some of the tiles (notably the ones by the river) were left darker to simulate stains.

The island watchtower is just about complete...

More lightening of the bottom part of the large building.. I tried to use my brush strokes carefully, in order to get stain and streaks without actually painting them!  Note the lighter section just above the doorway right next to that dark greenish streak.

Here's a few more shots as I get closer to the next phase...

Hey, this thing needs some grass!  More to come tomorrow!

Off to war: No, that's not Cheeze Whiz

All right, we are just about to leave for the tournament.  First, a few images of the board from the other day. You can see the process of making waterfalls starts with water effects, spread out on the plastic sheet

You make the waterfall sheets with a brush, and let it dry.

The board ready for priming.

Priming the board with black latex paint!

Then it was time to put the magnetic primer on the horizontal surfaces to hold the minis better..

Painting the board!  Lots of acrylic paint...

Big brushes, and key colors spread out on pallettes...

Mixing grey and green into the black to lighten all the rocks gradually.

Some areas get a yellow ochre to make them more greenish

The river bed gets even more green...

Same for the waterfall area

More to come!