Wednesday, December 26, 2012

More individual shots of the Easterling Kataphrakts

It just occurred to me that I never took true individual shots of the various Lord of the Rings figures from my Bilbo's Bash tournament armies aside from the heroes and such.

So, I started out by snapping some pictures of the Kataphrakts.  These first miniatures were the 'grunts'.  Later I will post the command figures and group shots.

I did add some extra things here and there, such as the skulls on the saddle of this guy, as well as a few pointy things on the horse's armor!

More to come!!!

Minis for the Mastadon...

As everyone cleans up wrapping paper and bows, along with broken toys, it's time to show some pictures of the miniatures I used on the Mastodon diorama.  These are some classic Gael warriors from the Celtos line.

I have saved a bunch of these for years, hoping to eventually run some Slaine RPG's.  That systems seemed very interesting.  There are no alignments, and almost no magical weapons that kill eveything in sight on a 1+ :-)

I always enjoyed the wide open surfaces on these, the flesh, shields and armor were mostly unadorned, and that left much more blank canvas for me!!

A few final views of the project as a whole...

And then it is back to work!

Digging up trouble? Another Stonehaven kickstarter Dwarf

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas!!  It was pretty busy here.

Now we have another one of those Stonehanven Miniatures Dwarves.  He is North Garrox, Miner.

I had some fun juxtaposing the bright gemstones with the grungy clothing of the dwarf.  Finally, a little Object Source Lighting on the helmet, and a tiny bit of green cast as well from the strange stones!