Saturday, August 20, 2016

Upward Mobility

With all the rust and mud effects complete, it's time to check out some finished images of the Citroen Kegresse P19 VDP armored tow from Mad Bob's Minatures.

This will come in very handy for artillery pieces such as the 47mm AT gun and the 75mm light howitzer.  Since neither one of those guns come with spotters, they tend to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Without the all important spotter, they end up with no targets for most of the game.

While it is possible for the crews to move them, the distance is extremely short, and most likely their line of sight could be evaded by a faster vehicle.  This tow can pull those guns to a better location more rapidly, especially on a road!

Better yet, this does count as an enclosed armored truck with a transport capacity of five, and it can even have a pintle mounted MMG!  Now that you don't need crew to fire those weapons, the value of this vehicle is still high even if it never moves an artillery piece.

I can even see this taking an officer and his escorts to an all important location on the battlefield to execute one of those multiple unit activation orders.  Since it's not open topped, small arms fire cannot stack pins onto the passengers.

It was a lot of fun to paint, and is just the beginning of my fleet of vehicles from Mad Bob's Miniatures.  I'm working on more Laffly trucks, and hopefully some Hungarian vehicles as well.

Here's a link to the Mad Bob's site: