Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Shaping Up!!

Here's the next mighty Panzer from Shapeways!  The Panzer I joins the Panzer II for war in western Europe.  This 3D printed vehicle was done by Mike (aka Arctic Skunk), and you can see his great work here:

This was painted in a very different way... I started out with a few layers of the Badger Stynlrez grey primer, and then shaded everything darker with 'washes' of weathering powders from Mig AMMO.  I mixed them with rubbing alcohol, which made them an easy to apply liquid.

I followed that up with Secret Weapon acrylic paints.  The live video can be seen here:

That was a really fun approach, and it worked very nicely with the 3D print white plastic.  I added some mud and dirt effects with the Mig AMMO mud products.

This is the smallest vehicle that I have painted so far, and it presented an interesting challenge.  When you have such a small set of surfaces, it can be that much easier to go overboard with weathering effects.  On larger late war tanks, you can almost "forget" about some parts of the tank!

I added a few of the leaves using the Green Stuff World leaf punch.  That helped to keep it in line with the rest of the early war Dunklegrau tanks that were painted previously.

The Panzer I was more of a tankette when I think about it, barely larger than a mid size SUV, with only a few machine guns.  Now that I have the Perry Brothers gun crew, I will be painting the Panzerjager anti-tank vehicle soon!

Now for some comparison shots.  I also have a painting video of the Panzer II, which you can watch here:

One last set of views... I am not sure if I will paint up the Panzerjager for the Desert campaign, or stay with the Western Front Dunkelgrau... stay tuned! :-)