Monday, April 8, 2013

More of your friendly neighborhood Kabal...

All right folks, more Kabal Warriors.  It was really hard to choose which of these to use for Adepticon, since I think I had assembled at least 20 of them, possibly more.  Only 10 could fit into the list.

I also had a bunch metal Fantasy Dark Elves which were going to be used as Hecatrix Blood Brides.  I converted them with left over splinter pistols and other Wyche weapons.

In the meantime, more painting on these Kabal Warriors!

What's old can definitely be new :-)

Hey folks!  More of the Kabal Warriors.  I have been very surprised at how much I enjoyed painting these.  I remember having a lot of fun combining the old and new kits so long ago when I first built them, but I figured that they would not be as interesting to paint as the Jetbikes, for instance.

That has really not been the case.  I have had all kinds of fun with these.  Ironically, the old style armor and clothes made it easier to put the crackling lava freehand on them.  The shoulder armor definitely made a nice big open surface.

I was glad that I had put all the extra spikey bits on them, since that allowed me to do more blood platter, keeping them a bit more in line with all the vehicles.  Having a variety of old and new splinter rifles was also fun, and kept me from going insane painting endless numbers of the same gun! :-)

The Kabal of the Blood Star

Some images of completed Kabal Warriors.  I think I did a Work in Progress post or two, but now I am shooting pictures of the painted figs!

More to come!