Sunday, December 14, 2014

C-Red strikes again

Well, the Bulls did win tonight, but this red is all about Red Box Games.

Once more from Tre Manor, a barbarian fighter.

Some group shots on the way!

Another horse of a different color

I thought this might be the best example of what I have been discussing over the last few Napoleanic posts.  This is in regards to getting the most out of a limited color palette.

These two horses are very similar in pose.  The colors, however, are quite different.

The darker brown horse actually has a fair amount of green in its highlights.  The reddish brown horse has more yellow.

I think this view really shows that difference.

At the starting gate!

Even with the white "socks", they still stand out from one another.

Hopefully all this shows up when the complete batch of 24 are crammed into the major group shots!  Stay tuned...