Friday, August 24, 2018

Paint Like a Champion! Army Painting Series 1 complete!

With Army Painting Series 2 about to be posted to the Patreon Page, it is time to check out some images of figures painted during the very first five episode unit painting guide.

It all began, as it should, with an episode on Basing Techniques and how to approach a unit.  I used the Dark Runes texture roller from Green Stuff World, and I went through the process of creating bases that would suit the "footprint" of the figures which would be painted.

All 5 of these episodes (about 11.5 hours of content!) are available on the Patreon page at the $15 level.  You can check that out here:

The second episode is an in depth guide on how to paint one of the figures as a "color test" figure, and how to use that step to make decisions for the rest of your unit/army.  That is, how complex do you want the color scheme to be, and will it match your basing, etc.

From there, I demonstrate how to do my normal painting techniques such as Shaded Basecoat and Glazing... but in a format which I have never filmed before!  While I have a number of 'pictoral' step by step blog posts on unit painting, doing several figures at once live on camera was really interesting!

I think that it might be the best way to show why I developed these approaches in the first place, since the still images really don't show the speed and simplification involved.

The last episode focuses on the unit champion, and some crucial decisions about the familiar (make it glowing, and if so should it also be green, etc.)

As I am painting, I try to emphasize the thought process as much as possible, since knowing 'why' is actually more important than knowing 'how'.  That is certainly how I felt all through my Art School days.

I will be posting the first episode of Series 2 later tonight, which will take you through a historical army, and using the Mig Ammo Oilbrushers.  To view the Army Painter series, the basic pledge is $15.  Should you want a "hard copy" high resolution version on a USB drive, I have that available for a $50 pledge.  For those who are interested in having one or more of the miniatures painted in the series, I do have a pledge level for that at the $100 level.

More images from Series one coming soon!!  Join the painting madness and step inside the workshop with me...