Saturday, September 10, 2016

Skink Power!

The Great Crested Skink strikes again!  Fearsome and mighty, he fears no human.

While the Skink sprues are not terribly complex, they allow you to make so many different varieties and poses... not to mention the ability to make the blowpipe for weapon/shield types.

Just as with previous bases, a little touch of aquatic foliage was added.  While the paper foliage I have been using recently is more realistic, this was better for figures that were going to be in a large unit during games.

The foliage is flexible, and that meant it would be able to withstand a lot of rough handling!

The basic colors of this skink unit revolved around greens, there was a wide variety of green shade employed.  I made sure that warmer and cooler greens would be used on one figure or another, while some hat stripe accents or spots.