Sunday, October 26, 2014

We have the power!

Here's a quick slap of paint on the RJ-1027 power station.

Hopefully most of you saw the building of this, which showed how random junk can be put together in no time at all to make some very handy terrain!

It's all about frugality!  No need to spend tons of $$$ when the stuff you have on hand can help you make terrain that is not just fun, but add to your games as well.  

Fighting over objectives like this make a lot of sense in the Wild West Exodus universe.

Let's review the elaborate materials required.  Old medicine container, left over plastic sprues, juice lid, a straw, and some plastic gears (the only thing actually purchased).

Remember the plastic sprues?  I filled in those two round ends with green stuff in order to make the pressure gauges. 

Let's get some Lawmen to guard it!

Don't mess with our power!!!

The Big Boys

Lookie here... two of those Thanatars.

Yeah, a metric ton of resin :-)

Fun times with the freehand though!

The most dreaded pieces of the whole deal... the evil culprits... the ammo feeds.

Thank goodness I found out a while back that I can paint the resin, and then hit it with a heat gun to make it pliable.  That allowed me to stretch and bend that double feed in place.

Not sure what those big guns do, but it must be quite a bang!

It still shocks me just how big these are every time I see them.

Just imagine... that tiny figure is on a huge 60mm base, 'cause it's dreadnought size!!!