Friday, December 5, 2014

Thrilled with Thralls

More of these guys.  Not sure what they do in the game, but it must be something nasty with these guns! :-)

I would imagine that there's not much of an armor save, but you might need one yourself if you are caught on the wrong end of one of these.

Lots more on the way!

Carrying a full charge

Ahh... here's where it gets fun!  While the initial 'exploration' of colors and themes for an army is a very fun stage, one begins to look forward to the day when you can start to take 'glory' shots such as these.

I love being able to take some painted terrain (the boardwalks and gallows from Burn In Designs, of course!) and create scenes such as these.

I may have to get a few more of these large size backdrops from Hangar 18 Miniatures, but this color has proven to be incredibly versatile.  It's worked quite well for the Mierce Miniatures group shots... but it really shines for the Wild West!!!

On occasion I have mentioned how I have enjoyed working with all new color palettes.  This has been the case with both the WWX figures and the Mierce Miniatures.  By working on all kinds of figures at the same time (the Mechanicum count towards this palette evolution too!), it has really accelerated the development of these varied earth tones.

I feel far more comfortable working with those at this point.  I can go cooler, warmer, higher or lower chroma with ease, and with just about any colors on hand.

There are more of these Interceptors on the way, so there will be even more scenes such as this coming!

I might also try to squeeze in some of the smaller buildings into this setting, or perhaps create a painted backdrop for the larger game board, as I have planned.

These next few shots will give you a better view of the small gallows.

I have a few large gallows, which will help the Lawmen get the job done many times faster!

Of course, there's the Judgement heavy support which will be the Meals on Wheels approach to dealing out Justice.

Stay tuned!!!