Sunday, July 12, 2015

Concept to mini to painting!

Here's a painted example of a Miniature 13 figure.  They have created some very nice sci-fi miniatures as part of their recent kickstarter.

I had a lot of fun making a base to match the conduits that were part of the actual miniature.

There were plenty of fun details!

Here's a little comparison of the concept art to the painted figure.

This won't give you gas

Here are some fun images of the finished shipping container.

Each stage of this project was very fun... coming up with the logo, doing the weathering, researching the lettering, and so on.

I certainly learned a lot more about shipping containers than I ever thought I would!

I didn't intend originally to use printed signs on the container, but it was a very useful experiment.

I never would have thought of the various signs of the contents, such as the flammable signs!

The other containers are shapes that may not allow as much in the way of printouts, so that will be yet another experiment!

And, of course, they do open and close, which will be very fun for in game tactics.

Overall, I felt like I was able to get very close to those original reference images.

Here are some miniatures to give you a sense of the scale.

The Highland Moss guard seem to claim it as their own. :-)