Monday, November 30, 2015

Daemonic Possession

Next from Sukubus Studios, we have a new demonette player.

I could not resist adding a Slaneesh symbol on the cloak!

I have been having a lot of fun playing with all the various shades and intensities of purples.  I really like adding in the very intense magenta colors in areas where I have painted some muted purples highlighted with a blueish grey.  

Using teal as a complimentary color in places like the 'hair" or on the metals has been a blast as well.

Stay tuned for many more! :-)

Fire of the Dragon

More Celtos!  Another character from the Sidhe called Faeron the Fire Wizard.

This is the part that was very fun!  Some fun cloak freehand.  It's something that I had wanted to play around with for a long time, and it made a great practice run for some even larger projects.

The broad cloak on this figure was going to get some kind of freehand design.  Originally that was going to be Celtic Knotwork designs, but the dragon image was just too tempting!

I also wanted to see if it was possible for a design that was more complex to stay cohesive enough over folds and so on.

He's also here:

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Superior Sisters

We have another entry from my Sisters of Battle army a few years ago at Adepticon.  The power Sword is actually an old Grey Knight bit.  Very old, in fact, from the original Grey Knight figures. :-)

While most of the Sister squads from the army were in green robes, I thought I would have some fun and make these in white.

She's also here:

Star Fury

One of my favorite units of my Dark Eldar army was the Incubi unit.  I converted a few regular Kabal Warriors into an Incubi with extra parts from Raging Heroes Blood Vestal kits.

Here's a link to the WIP post:

She's also here:

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Deadly Music

In my last Secret Weapon post, I mentioned that I had done some conversions of the RAV 6 x 6 in order to fill out my Sisters of Battle army.
In this case, I constructed an Exorcist tank with some plasticard and other random bits.
You can see one of them in this view... a chunk of Rhino control panel, I believe.

To create the 'pipe organ' feel, I chopped up a bunch of plasticard pieces to lay out in a keyboard pattern.

Another Rhino control panel bit above the keys.

I made a sponson for the spotlight out of the cardboard from a blister pack.  Yes, it was a real collection of refuse that I utilized to create that turret!

This turret could be removed and placed on any of the chassis.  Most of the time, it was placed in the tank with the armor skirts to give it the heavier armor presence.

I don't think that I even got a chance to shoot the pipe organ in any of the tournament games, which was a bummer!  It certainly looked quite dangerous...

Still, the project itself was very fun!

You will also recognize some of the freehand, which I have used on banners, armor skirts, and even the floor of the Great Basilica!

Once again, some Sisters for scale.  I have a huge amount of Raging Heroes Sisters of Battle under way, and I can't wait to have some group shots of those with these fantastic vehicles. 
Oh yeah, and I also have two more of these painted up as well.  Stay tuned!

Light the Way

I converted this Sisters of Battle Icon Bearer for my Adepticon tournament army a few years ago.

I used a few Empire Flagellant bits to create the banner, and then had some fun using my fluorescent paint to create the OSL effect.

She's also here:

Friday, November 27, 2015

Tank Busting Deals!

Just about everyone who follows the blog knows how much I rely on Secret Weapon products for just about everything!  The washes, basing materials, terrain pieces, and even miniatures.

These RAV 6 x 6 vehicles are favorites of mine.  They can be used for any kind of vehicle, since there are 10 different gun options.

The kit comes in 11 pieces total, not including the weapons.  They all go together very easily, and you don't have to worry about lots of crazy mould lines, etc.  I have a number of posts on how to build them, and some posts on how I created the additional armor side skirts.

When I created my video series, Secret Weapon products were a huge part of them!

This vehicle was featured in the Weathering and Battle Damage video.  Here's a preview:

I used the Secret Weapon powders were even used for a stand alone video, Painting with Weathering Powders:

There are a number of great terrain pieces that you can find on the Secret Weapon page, such as these pieces of terrain:

The new sandbags are also fantastic!

If you are interested in the videos, they are now available on this website via USB drives:

I have five of these RAV 6 x 6 vehicle painted up.  They were used for my Adepticon tournament army a few years ago.  One of them was even turned into an Exorcist tank!  I'm doing a new post on that project soon.

These next few shots offer a size comparison with a few different figures.  You can see that it matches up well with GW figures.

I have more of these vehicles which are being painted in more traditional schemes.  I am making a winter diorama and a desert diorama.

Many thanks again to Mr. Justin, who has created a huge line of products that make all the things that I do possible.  Just when I think that I have done everything I can, he creates a new product!  In fact, some wonderful new weathering products are coming from the evil Genius of Justin...

Stay tuned!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Dog Pound

Another one of the Big Dogs for you tonight!

This one is very unusual, since it's not the usual wolf shaped hound.  It did make it kinda fun to paint!

As with all the previous versions, I had to stick to an existing color scheme.

A nation of Warriors

Just a few more Scalpers needed to have a decent sized Warrior Nation posse for all new battle reports!

I have tried to leave myself some room in terms of freehand markings, tattoos, and so on, until I work out the rest of the hired hand troops.

There are certain symbols that I wanted to use, but I will wait until I can make some of the initial terrain pieces, such as totems and tepees!

The Scalpers will be the first hired hands that I test out, which will be the opposite of what I did with the Lawmen.  In that case, I focused on the lower level hired hands.

I have not really explored how the points will play out, in combination with the bosses, underbosses, sidekicks and light supports.

No matter what, I will have to think of these hired hands very differently from the Holy Orders and Lawmen.

It's very cool to see them all together!  I'm hoping to get at least two more quick Scalpers done for the playtesting and battle reports.

Not only are the Warrior Nation included in the Black Friday sale, you also have the kickstarter figures!  Four new factions, plus all the additional new characters from the original posses like the Warrior Nation!