Thursday, November 16, 2017

Desert Sands

This live session was done to show how you can create your own oil washes, and use those alongside the Mig Ammo oil washes.  In addition, I tried to show how you can make regular oil paints the same consistency as the Mig Ammo OilBrushers, and use them together!

Finally, I wanted people to see that using oils on miniatures and vehicles allows you do do all sorts of wonderful mixing techniques right on the figure!  Here's a link:

All too often, I see people using oils on a vehicle, but not take advantage of that ability to do such mixing right on the figure.  This is very different from acrylics, and it only makes sense to fully utilize these differences.

On the right is a StuG that was "Primer Painted" with the usual Badger Stynlrez primers.  In the upper corner is an Italian M13 tank that was painted during a google hangout session, and to the left was the Panzer III which was done during the facebook live painting session.  You can see that the basic framework of lights and darks are similar, but the oils have provided more variations in tone, etc.

Even on a 'tan' vehicle, there are many color differences, especially if I want to show the primary weathering of the desert, and that is sun bleaching of the paint.

I hope to do many more of these live demonstrations, as they are very fun, and people can get a deeper view into what goes into these techniques.  I will be doing a standard pictorial blog post on painting the M13 as well, so stay tuned!

If you can possibly contribute to the patreon page, it will go a long way to making more time available for the 2-3 hour live demonstrations!  Many thanks to those who already have!!