Monday, October 1, 2018

Law of the Jungle

Next up from Victoria Miniatures we have the Arcadian Guard.  As usual, they are available in both male and female squads:

There are plenty of spare bits to go along with every squad, so you can make unique individual figures.  You see fewer and fewer of the "build your own" multi piece figures these days, where you can mix and match torsos, heads, arms, etc.

When I created my Highland guard army, I was utilizing pieces from several different squad types.  There are even sets of kneeling and sitting legs, which were wonderful to create tank commanders and tank riders.

I especially enjoy the command and NCO options.  Lots of personality and character!

Let's see what they look like as a whole unit...

And as a massive horde! :-)  I have two more forces of this size under way.  They will be painted with oils, as these figures were.  I will be making some painting videos of the process.

There are also plenty of videos showing how to approach painting and army on the Patreon Page.  Some of the Victoria Miniatures armies will be shown in tutorials available here: