Thursday, March 7, 2019

Red Alert!

Episode 13 of Painting Dark Sword is now available to the Patrons of my Patreon Page!  I have been tackling a lot of color theory episodes of late, creating tutorials which focused on Greens, Blues, and even Yellows.

This time we explore Reds, and what is possible to create in that range.  It is not just a matter of cooler or warmer reds, lighter or darker, but of saturation as well.  I try to demonstrate the impact of highly charged colors vs something which is more muted by doing a little object source lighting in the process.

The base was created using the Green Stuff World texture rollers, and the brightly glowing runes were just too much to pass up!  I had used this texture for the very first Army Painting series, in which I used the fluorescent green to make those evil runes glow with mystical energy.

I also created some glowing eyes, which is a very rare thing for me.  

The Painting Dark Sword level is $10 on the Patreon Page, and signing up will also provide you with access to the previous 12 episodes!  There's much more on the way though, with all kinds of fantastic figures to work on.  Here's a link to the page: