Sunday, January 1, 2017

Steam and Axe

This guy was the test subject for a very interesting experiment using the Mig AMMO oil products.  I have a step by step post showing the final stages of the oil applications as well as the subsequent layers of 'regular' miniature paint.

Believe it or not, I was working from some of the knowledge gleaned as I have been using those same materials to paint my vehicles.  A miniature is just a miniature, no matter what shape it might be.  I also wanted this to have a dirtier more weathered look, so the weathering glazes and other oil materials suited that purpose quite well.

As a long time pastel, oil watercolor and charcoal painter, the idea of applying paint and then selectively removing it in places is quite normal, and lots of fun!  Of course, the process all starts with the shaded basecoat, setting up all of the lights and darks in advance prior to applying those products.

Stay tuned for that step by step post, with many similar posts to come!!

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