Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Worth the wait?

Here's something a long time in coming.  I had this thing around forever, just waiting for paint one day.  It was a practice mini for weathering and a test for painting the crystal bases.

These old Confrontation Wolfen figures were always favorites of mine.  I am glad that I waited so long, so that I could do much more fun things with him.  I have learned a lot since those days!!!

The base is a design that I sculpted for CoolMini and the Groundwerks line.  Eventually, that basing technique would be one of the Painting Pyramid basing videos.

He is also here :

Mother Superior from Svarog

I have been painting some of the Svarog Miniatures Sisters of Battle off an on since they arrived.  This one is called Sister Superior.

If you recall the original unboxing post, these are resin figures, and each figure comes with its own sculpted base.  I will snap some images of these side by side with typical metal GW Sisters.