Friday, October 6, 2017

A Bird in Hand...

This massive bird from Mierce Miniatures posed all sorts of technical and logistical challenges.  First was tackling the basing.  He is originally meant to stand on a piece of resin, but that was going to be replaced by my "Bark and Branch" method.

I have a link to the original basing that was done on a facebook live session here:

Painting him was a challenge due to so many similar colors on so many broad surfaces.  Getting variety was key to keeping it from getting too boring!

I have a video on the initial painting session using the new Secret Weapon weathering paints here:

As usual, a lot of unusual color mixtures were required to create that interest, especially in those all important "Mid Tones".  This half way area between light and dark is where about 60% of all the colors on a figure tend to fall, which means that you have to play around with muted mixes of opposite colors, and incorporate greens and other tones that you would not ordinarily associate with feathers!