Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Big Bad Bugs!

This time we go back to the future of Antares, with the first member of a Tsan Ra Phase squad.  As with the other Isorian figures, this was a chance to get back to the brighter color schemes and the object source lighting.

It was a little challenging to squeeze the brush into certain areas to continue the color transitions and work the OSL, given how many things are protruding in one direction or another.  Having the bright oranges available as a contrast to these highly saturated greens was definitely an advantage, which is one of the reasons I tried to select this particular scheme.

Just like the other figures from this army, the plain gray concrete/deck plating made a nice resting place for the eyes with all the bright colors!

It's gonna be interesting to see the entire squad of three together.  These guys are on 40mm bases, by the way.

Stay tuned!