Thursday, September 1, 2016

Arial Attack

Here's another thrower from the newest Samurai Orc Blood Bowl team.  I have been putting final details on them, and now I can also do the photography on the team.  I'm really looking forward to some pictures of this team in the Stadium!

This element of the team was a little more difficult than the earlier figures, since these required much more armor to be sculpted on.  As I mentioned with the first Lineman, with each time I make one of the teams, I get better and more efficient with that part of the sculpting.

I figured out some much easier ways to sculpt these armor sections, which not only follow the flow of the arms better... they are also easier to paint.  The key was being able to get all the 'ridges' in each plate more regular and even.  On other attempts, these got a little out of whack, and that made painting clean lines a real challenge.

Stay tuned for some Blitzers coming your way!!