Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You won't see these any more...

Here's something old timey!  Many moons ago, GW used to sell booster packs that had 8 miniatures inside.

There was a Space Marine set, an Undead/Vampire set, and 'Adventurers Set' that had mages and fighters... even a Chaos and a Skaven pack.

I believe this is the last of the Wizards that I have.  The Chaos set has been used to fill out Blood Bowl teams.

These were interesting to paint.  At the time, they were very unique compared to what was being offered.  The vast majority of all GW minis were metal when these came out, so they were even more unique.  The plastic made it easier to convert!

If I can find the pictures of the other members of these sets, I will try to gather them into one post for you :-)

He is also here:

Springtime in Chicago!

Spring in Chicago.  That means it must be time for snow!  Yes, indeed.

It was also time to continue Reapercon preparation.

Once all the bases had the rough elements attached, I brought out the basic gravel.  Heavy, medium and fine, applying them in that order.

So, one by one, each figure was covered in gravel!

Until there were more...

And more...

Let's not forget the trolls!

The horde has its gravel!

Out came the black and grey Badger primer, brushed on one mini at a time.  It covered the roughest surfaces of both the bases and the figures quite easily.

Now I needed to paint a sample figure of the club wielding ogre, like these gents.

In between snowflakes, that is!  Yes, Adepticon goers from those warm climates.  Look what you missed out on!

Painting up one of the big guys...

Almost finished!  More pics tomorrow.