Saturday, March 11, 2017

Alien Nation

Another Facebook live video session in the books!

This one was a little more complex, trying to demonstrate my favorite alien pattern freehand.  The session lasted about 100 minutes, which is nearly as long as the original freehand designs video that I created as part of the Painting Pyramid kickstarter campaign.

I tried to show the fluorescent paints as well, mostly in the form of the little diodes around the ship.  I wanted to show how those could be used as a form of contrast to the oranges in the freehand pattern, especially where the greenish diodes intersected with the brightest parts of the freehand.

Another key element was the composition of the pattern, and emphasizing how asymetrical I wanted it to be.  This meant changing the pattern, and making sure that it was not repeated precisely on each side of the hull.

Here's a link to the video.  I am hoping to do many more sessions like this, ideally every day!  That will require a phone upgrade at the very least, since the one I am using right now is quite ancient.

For the moment, you cannot use a webcam for these broadcasts without the OBS software and a very powerful machine.  I have tested the OBS with everything that's available to us right now, but there's way too much lag time.