Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Ogres Painted with Oils!

The oil paints have proven to be incredibly useful for so many projects in the last few years... and not just painting vehicles.  I have used them on everything, including terrain!

I have discussed the reasons why I have been using them so much... mostly because they make mass-painting projects easier for me.  Since I am painting dozens, if not hundreds of figures all at once, it is very easy to line up enough figures that have a similar set of colors.

Using that extended drying time, I am able to work wet into wet simultaneously on all these figures, which also helps to keep those colors as close to matching as possible!

You can also be more adventurous in your color choices, as you can manipulate them on the surface of the figure itself more easily.  Here's one of several Facebook live sessions that I did:

I will be posting several hours worth of oil painting tutorials to the Patreon Page as the month draws to a close.  There are a few different pledge levels for options, including the basic $5 pledge: